F. (Francis) Lee Bailey

Born in Waltham, Mass. Following service as a marine pilot, he was admitted to the bar in 1960. A controversial figure, he gained spectacular success as a defense attorney in the Torso Murder case (1960), the re-trial of Dr. Sam Sheppard (1966), the Boston Strangler case (1966), and many others. His forte was meticulous investigation before a trial and methodical presentation in the courtroom. 

Once again a famous defendant turned to the nation's preeminent criminal defense lawyer for representation. And once again the lawyer was F. Lee Bailey, a key member of the O.J. Simpson defense team. In fact, many credit Bailey's brilliant questioning of Mark Fuhrman as the turning point in the Simpson case. A giant among America's defense lawyers, he led the defense in other such highly celebrated cases as that of the Boston Strangler and the Great Plymouth Mail Robbery. As an author, he has written such popular books as The Defense Never Rests, For the Defense, and Secrets.